Dec 7, 2010

Hydraulic vibratory hammer,pile hamme, pile driver,sheet pile driver


Pricing DPD 350, DPD 350T, DPD 450  Trust & Quality with customer satisfaction

Vibratory Hammer

  ? Technical Features1. Economy
- No need hydraulic power pack of crane. As Daedong vibro hammer Dpd-350 required 200bar and 180l/min fuel consumption can be saved significantly. It assures good quality and satisfaction.2. Accessibility
- Compared to with crane DPD-350 can access easily downtown areas, bridge, corner of pillar, narrow place at street where the crane can not access.

3. Low noise & Quiet4. Powerful vibration
- Moreover vibration power the feeding force of excavator enhances performances.5. Built-in control valves
- Built-in control valves on vibro hammer eliminates separate line installation on excavator. Saving installation cost as well maintenance cost considerably.6. Simple line installation and easy operation
- Daedong vibro hammer needs to install electric cable on joy-stick to control valves on dpd-350 (Jaw opening and vibration).7. 360-drgree hydraulic rotation
- Hydraulic rotation motor ensures accurate positioning of sheet pile. 

 Vibartory hammer video        
        Driving Sheetpile 400?8m

? Standard Extention Boom & External Dimensions

Technical Specifications
Tech. Spec


Model units DPD 350 DPD 450
Static moment Nm 45 60
Frequency cpm 3000 2700
Centrifugal force kN 300 390
Amplitude mm 6.8 7.2
Operating oil pressure bar 200 200
Operating oil flow l/min 180~200 200~240
Hydraulic power kw 60 70
Height mm 1980 2050
Length mm 1005 1080
Width mm 650 650
Slewing º 360 360
Tilt angle º 0 0
Operating weight kg 1400 1800
Extension boom weight kg 590 640
Acceptable excavator class ton 20~35 35~45

Sheet pile

Model units DPD 350 DPD 450
Max. Length m 11 12
Max. Weight kg 700 980
Min. Width mm 180 200

Tube pile

Model units DPD 350 DPD 450
Max. Length m 6 7
Max. Diameter mm 400 600

? The above specification is subject to change without prior notice.

- High frequency 3000cpm has advantage of having high rate vibrations transferred to the surroundings and low noise eventually.